Sunday, September 7, 2008

Greetings from MEXICO:Travels of a hairdresser

Buenos Dias:

There was a terrible Thunder and lightening storm Wednesday night that knocked out all the phones/DSL Internet (and maybe mortally wounded my laptop) I was unable to call into the radio show (or HOTLINE), and I'm sure Alfred is furious, since HE called in from the room that Anna Nicolle Smith died in when HE was on vacation..."Ummm, some people take this seriously missy"" I can just here him now. But I'll say:"Yeah, OK I was hatching baby Rattlesnakes-had to take a message...".

I just lost a whole page and a half of writing...I have been tinkering with this computer for 2 hours now- I'm on "SAFE MODE" and that seem to be the only setting that doesn't go CRASH on me...But I can't upload any pictures yet

Anyway, I'm limping along on email to reassure you that Luis and I have a satellite cel phone, and a GPsatelite tracking device for roughing it. This morning was our final "PREP" ride before we go out for a few nights under the stars. Don't worry about a thing- He's armed, knows all these mountains like the back of his hands, and he's like Tonto and Sir Edmund Hillary on Horseback.At least
I get to eat!! He makes his own wild Veinson Jerky, Maybe a baby pig if I'm lucky, hard boiled (chicken) eggs, and camp coffee. I get to swagger in my beat up chaps a bit looking for firewood (Serpent sonar circuits overloaded) and pretend to be "Rowdy" (Clint Eastwood) from "Rawhide." Luis is DEFINITELY Antonio Banderas from "The Mexican" -What BUTCH is all about.

The preperation 4 hour hard ride this morning was way down the canyon to this wonderful little hot springs pool that we swim in (104 degrees The waterfall boils down and massages yo
ur shoulders and neck perfectly...A beautifully pristine (even drinkable) yet totally undiscovered place. We never ever find trash out that far as we do other places much closer to campers..

We came back via the place where we had discovered a clutch of Rattlesnake eggs, and Luis skillfully scooped them up more to show what an extraordinary nest of slightly slimey viscosity Those impressive big Rattlers make.. As we were mounding the small leathery eggs for "the money shot" with the camera, Luis casually mentions that the mother is usually in the area to keep an eye on the nest. (OK, NOW you tell me as I'm picking up rattlesnake eggs, hoping they won't hatch and chomp my finger as their first assassination assignment. I kept my eyes out as we set up for t
photo op that the big mother
wasn't behind me ready to sink her huge hypodermic fangs into me.(Again, that would suck. Dad would always cheerfully point out how this would make a GREAT obituary item, or better yet-Headline. However if I saw a six foot rattlesnake coming up behind me I would go all "snakes on a Plane" for sure.

I will try to load these shots of us swimming and squatting over the nest of "ouvos de Cascavalle. But, I'm a bit nervous about my computer...I'll keep you posted. I've had had a bunch of "treatments" in Guadalajara, and I got a haircut from the most expensive, attitude oozing, coolest hair salon in town called "Patrice Coiffure" I of course had Patrice do it Himself, My God he was so gay-he was like Ricky Martin meets Anthony Quinn in that movie about Aristotle Onasis. He gave me a great haircut.

Tuesday I rush back for my follow ups at the clinic (I got the latest,and coolest.. my final High Colonic before I go to the airport.) I am really packing the spa concept in this year. I LOVE being 45...What was I thinking?? The best is ahead!


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