Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Botox with a beer chaser

We're both back on the Air after my self imposed torture at the Fat Farm, and anti-aging clinic in Mexico. Alfred had a great solo show, but Ricky needs Lucy, the Captain needs Teneile, and Frankie Avalon needs Annette to have a great beach party.

I was all set to call in from Mexico, but the afternoon tropical thunderstorms kept the (1) phone out of commission, and my computer limped along in safe mode, just barely avoiding a full crash. Thank God for 16 year old computer geniuses who can scrub your computer clean for a good haircut. Jack, I owe you big time. It's like my computer got a high colonic, and a few syringes of SURGIDERM; like I did South of the border.

I'd like to talk more about "off shore" beauty treatments and procedures on the air. Alfred gets a bit squeemish talking about Brazilian injections and chlorophyll enemas, but we do get a lot of emails, comments, and hotline calls (617-418-HAIR) about this whole concept of "Medi-tourism". Eco-tourism used to be the big travel term a few years back, but now we have clients that go off to India for triple bypass surgery, Canada for Lasic eye surgery, and South America for cosmetic procedures. Take your pick- You can either go to Costa Rica to see the Scarlet Macaws, or get a top of the line tummy tuck. A good travel agent gets you both.

Here is what a great plastic surgeon in South America looks like. His name is Dr. Daniel Robles. He's a great guy:


He has a great philosophy: "Plastic surgery is a medical human specialty because it deals with one of the most sensitive essences of human beings: the beauty and it’s great numbers of meanings; That´s why the plastic surgeon must know the most assorted and advanced surgical techniques, as well as humanity rudiments, in order to considerate his patient’s body and soul."

Don't you love that!! This guy does everything from Facial fillers and the latest forms of Botox, to calf and ass implants. I keep to the kid stuff with a few injections here and there, but one could get a complete body makeover if you wanted to on vacation. We get a lot of questions on the air about nips and tucks. This is the guy who's clinic does it all. They say that Merle Oberon, the great beauty of Hollywood in the 1930's was the first star to get into plastic surgery. She went to the famous clinic in Cuernavaca that is still there today. Like Dr. Robles's clinic it is all white marble and tinted glass in a modern and impeccably clean high tech facility. Best of all everything is about 1/4 of the price in the United States-which is why everyone is zooming off to India for heart operations, Thailand for Hepatitis cures, and South America for cosmetic procedures. As one should for any good vacation- do your homework, use a good travel agency that specializes in medi-tourism, and research where your going and what your in for. Have a great trip, and when you get back everyone says "you look so RESTED! You must have had a great vacation. I did.

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