Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Your NOBODY until people are talking about you

Shut-up, your kidding-no way, nuh-uh, That can't be true...That's good dirt, and I won't tell ANYBODY! Pinky swear.

We have our super secret EYE SPY in New York who has been calling in with her weekly reports on who's doing what with whom, who has been seen at the parties, and what the City Gossip is. We have a goldmine on our hands. Our girl on the go-007 moves stealthily through the glitteratti swathed in little black dresses, matching accessories, and fabulous shoes. Who is she? We will NEVER tell. I mean Bamboo under my fingernails and a naked Christopher Meloni waiting for me at home for the rest of my life would never make me divulge who our little goldmine is. Water boarding at Guantanamo would suck however. She actually lives down the block from Chris Melloni, and keeps me up to date about which gym in THE WEST VILLAGE he goes to. Tomorrow night we have "hotline" calls from Gossip Girl, who was at a party with Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods who grabbed a bottle of Jose Quervo Tequila and went off to the VIP room with some other high rollers. Last week we heard about Lindsey Lohan (I am getting SO over her) making out with her girlfriend Samantha Ronson behind the DJ booth. Lohan and English-born DJ and musician Samantha have been virtually inseparable since the start of 2008 and despite leaks that the pair were lovers they kept it secret. Until Now.
Does the Anne Heche syndrome come to mind here? Gay for 10 minutes for the sexy publicity, and then what do you bet...Prince Charming will come along. Who ever heard of Anne Heche before she hooked up with the most famous Lesbian in Hollywood anyway? Heche's relationship with comedian Ellen DeGeneres and the events following their breakup became subjects of widespread media interest. The couple started dating in 1997 shortly after the famous "Puppy Episode" of DeGeneres' sitcom . At one point, the two said they would get a civil union if such became legal in Vermont. They also worked on some film and TV projects together. They broke up in August 2000. Anne got famous, then broke Ellen DeGeneres's heart. How totally cool was it that Porshe de Rossi and Ellen's vegan Wedding made the cover of People Magazine this month (and Anne is SO over) Even Sulu from Star Trek made People magazine. with his gay wedding. Who's next? Jodie Foster? George Clooney? I'll have to get our Gossip girl right on that.

Our Gossip girl went to the concert and after party with the Jonas Brothers this last week. The superstar siblings opened Z100 New York's Zootopia with a heart-pumping, show-stopping set. Nick, Joe and Kevin took turns running from stage left to stage right and back again, creating a scream-filled frenzy at East Rutherford, NJ's Izod Arena that was downright deafening. Sorry girls, the buzz is that the oldest one is a friend of Dorothy-Don't ask/Don't tell.

Tune in tomorrow night to hear our stealthy sleuth sling some sass on Hair on the Air Radio. She's our new regular with Pizza Regina, Valleria, and of course ALFRED and THOMAS

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