Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Snip and Tell

We hold the secrets. We listen. We console. We acknowledge and appreciate you when you sit in the chair. Our job is to help make you FEEL good about yourself, as well as look good. And remember our motto: It feels good to look good. God, we love our job. When a client walks out feeling better then when they walked in, we have done our job well. If you've been thinking about cutting your hair into something new-GO AHEAD!! Hmmm, maybe I should cover a little of this grey-GO AHEAD!! Maybe I'll go red for the fall, I've always wanted to...GO AHEAD!! You'll feel better about yourself. Ask your stylist what they really truthfully think would look good. "If you could do anything you wanted to my hair what would you do, and why?" The reason you should go to a good stylist in the first place is for their expertise and knowledge on what works and what doesn't. TELL your stylist about your life style. Be honest. "I have two kids to get off to school, and get to work. I can spend 5 minutes on my hair. With my texture, face shape, and time constraint what will work for me?" TELL your stylist the truth. "I hate blow drying, can you give me a cut that doesn't need any styling?" or "I use a flat iron everyday, hot rollers, and blow dry the wave out. How do I keep my hair healthy looking?" These are the things you should discuss and TELL your stylist. Have a relationship where you trust, collaborate, and aren't afraid to TELL your stylist what you think. "It was to short last time." So, OK, let's grow it out a bit so that your more comfortable with the length, but it's my job to be honest and remind you that your wispy soft short cut, looks dead fabulous with your Valentino suit, and the Narz lipstick we picked out last time, and you got the promotion a week after your last cut. TELL your stylist about your job, your relationships, (he likes it blonder) your schedule, your new water aerobics class in the chlorine pool, your vacation to the beach coming up, (wear a hat) or your upcoming court appearance. (always wear an off white suit, pearls, and your hair in a low chignon bun for the honest understated look whenever you have to testify) The point is TALK to your hairdresser; interact, and develop a rapor. Your hair, your presence, and youir whole look will develop and transform. Remember, it feels good to look good.

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Anonymous said...

Off-white suit with pearls sounds beautiful for a testifying witness. What do you recommend for the lawyer?

Thomas and Alfred said...

Boy- that could be a whole blog entry, let alone a great show topic.
Right off the bat; ANY movie that Richard Gere has been a lawyer in- That's what boys should wear. Mathew Mchonahy in "Mississippi Burning" in his Seer Sucker Tennessee Williams, big daddy suit is pretty great, but Glen Close in that movie... 1985 Jagged Edge,the taut mystery about an attorney (Glenn Close) who defends the hot hot hot newspaper publisher (Jeff Bridges She wears the retro, tailored to just below the knee suits with a kick pleat. (in a different color in every scene)

A dark professional, tailored suit makes you look like what your product is. If your a tax attorney, wear something honest looking. If your a senior partner at Robes and Grey- Play the part, look and emulate what your product is about- Big old money. Tweeds, conservative suits, and European cuts for the international clients. Learn how to eat and socialize with grace and impecable manners. I've seen some big fish get off the hook because the attorney wolfed down her lunch, spilled wine all over the Valentino blouse, and blew her nose in the linen napkin.

Then there's your Erin Brockovitch, green, hip and alternative type lawyer who can pretty much get away with sexy, comfortable jeans and a nice blazer. Know your Judge!! If your going up against "Judge Janet, the Hangin' Judge, then your in the sweet spot for wanting to be dressed for success...cuz 18 wheels of justice just might be barreling through your courtroom honey.

This Question/discussion would make for an excellent topic on the show- please call into our 24 hour hot line (anonymously-protecting the innocent is what were all about)- leave a message after Alfred and I fight on the answering machine, and share this great question and thoughts with our listeners: 617 418 4247. We edit, so if you stammer, we make you sound really good.
Thanks again

Thanks for your awesome post, your support, and spread the word!
Alfred and Thomas