Thursday, August 21, 2008

8/21/08 Hair on the Air reality check

We got kicked off the air tonight at the last moment due to some concert recording that needed to use our studio...yeah, whatever. We were going to talk about Senator Joe Biden"s hair plugs tonight. Could a Vice President have obvious hair plugs? Call in and tell us what you think for next week. At least it's not a comb over.

We love RadioYouBoston, our new home for the summer. We are trying to get our summer shows on our iTunes account and it looks like it will happen. Jeez, so technical. Last weeks show was about the Olympics (Oh please, that little Chinese girl gymnast is like 12. She has BABY TEETH.) And what's up with the shower cam for the divers. They all showboat and face the camera while in the shower, and totally go for the money shot. I would too if I had abs like that and looked that hot in a speedo. Michael Phelps looks great with all the gold medals around his neck and the buzz cut, but I'll always be a Mark Spitz fan. I had that poster for years in my dorm room, and he looked like one of the original "Village People" with that big butch mustache. To think he broke all those records without a razor suit, a giant mustache to drag along, and that big 70's haircut- well, he's still a God in my Olympic heart. Don't forget this is from the sports fan who can only name 3 Red Sox players (2 now that Manny is gone) and holds up Tanya Harding as my favorite sports star.

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Anonymous said...

There's been a lot of developments in the world of vice-presidential hair since you blogged about Biden's plug issue. Any thoughts on the Alaskan brunette's updo?

Hair on the Air said...

For a former runner up in the Miss Alaska pagent, there's a girl who can work an up do. She "Toe Pops" perfectly to look as thin as possible in a photo, and keeps "pinkys on thighs. As a "Hockey Mom" she sure blow dries, gets those hot rollers in, and combs out her up do while getting all those kids off to school. I wonder how much household she has?